(published and forthcoming)

Soul-Lit: two poems, fall 2023 issue (forthcoming)

Lyrical Somerville: “Dreaming of Somerville,” February 22, 2023

Plainsongs: “I could learn from him,” winter 2023 issue (print only; order at link)

The Orchards: “Photograph,” Winter 2023 issue (print edition; order at link) or digital edition downloadable here

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY: “She, Barkeep, to Him, Barfly,” August 4, 2022

Lyrical Somerville: “Working Girls,” July 13, 2022

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY: “Crowded Cambridge Buses,” May 19, 2022

The Poetry Porch: “Audrey“; “Psalm for C“; “A Meditation” (March 2022)

Lyrical Somerville: “La Danseuse” (June 2, 2021); “There Is Poetry” (February 2, 2022)

Soul-Lit: “An Ordinary Sunday” and three other poems (Vol. 28, Summer 2021)